Tom Langrish

Despite being lured by the chance to win an iPad, insurance against my employer and the statement that ‘ARC doesn’t strike’, joining ARC had been a principled decision.

Jonathan Kilner

Jonathan Kilner

I decided to join ARC as it had a large number of trainee members. Such a concentration of colleagues on similar training schemes would ensure that I, as part a larger group, would have a voice when raising questions with the department.

Claire White

My dad is a retired bus driver and one of my proudest possessions is his old Transport and General Workers’ Union alarm clock.

Scott McFarlane

I joined the Inland Revenue on 13 May 2003 aged 22, not out of a renewed desire to work with tax but through a winning combination of giving up law, not knowing what I wanted to do and the seductive knowledge that the biggest employer in Cumbernauld was a mere 10 minute walk from my home. My intention, like so many others, was that it would be short term.

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