The Association of Revenue and Customs Who we are and what we do

The Association of Revenue and Customs (ARC) is the union which represents senior staff in HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK, including tax professionals, accountants, lawyers, managers, statisticians and other professionals.

ARC is a professional association and an independent trade union. It is also a section of a wider union, FDA, which acts as a voice for the UK’s senior managers and professionals in public service.

ARC membership is available to people working in HMRC at Grade 7 and above and also to those on a training scheme that will lead to Grade 7. Our members are responsible for implementing the legislation passed through Parliament, advising on that legislation, collecting and administering taxes for the UK and tackling non compliance at the highest and most complex level. We also lead the teams that ensure Tax Credits and Child Benefit is paid correctly, as well as staff working on HMRC’s digital agenda.

To find out more about what ARC members do, read this factsheet.

ARC seeks to work in partnership with HMRC, challenging where necessary and, most importantly, trying to improve workplaces and the working lives of our members. We believe in working with our employer, not working against them, to help identify and address concerns before they become real problems. We will reach solutions through dialogue and clear consideration of the issues.

ARC also represents members who are having problems in the workplace. We have a strong caseworker team who will help and guide members through most issues. More information can be found in the Help & Advice section of the website, where there is also a link to request help.

ARC is firmly committed to the principles of equality and diversity in both employment and in the delivery of the services HMRC provides to the public.


factsheet4 - what do ARC members do?

Factsheet: What do ARC members do?