Careers NOT quotas A fair deal for ARC members

The campaign – Careers NOT Quotas: A Fair Deal for ARC Members – to give it its full name, was launched in 2013 in response to members’ concerns about the changes to performance management (PMR) and terms and conditions under the Civil Service Reform Plan.

In particular, the campaign was directed against the HMRC’s decision to impose a system, known as “guided distribution”, under which a proportion of staff would be deemed to be performing poorly, irrespective of their actual performance or the performance of organisation itself.

The campaign and the dispute with HMRC were are separate but linked – both aimed to harness members’ concerns and strength of feeling. The campaign sought to involve members in challenging the employer and holding it to account on the operation of PMR, and to make the case and press for the reward, recognition and resource that ARC members – the senior professionals in HMRC – fully deserve.

Although the dispute with HMRC was resolved in summer 2015, ARC continues to campaign for a fairer performance management system in HMRC and better career prospects for the senior professionals on whose work our vital public services all depend.