ARC Committee

This is the full ARC Committee for 2016-18 and their roles and responsibilities.

NameRoleCLOConsultation /Business Area (Lead in Bold)
Paula HoughtonPresidentPay, Policy
Wellbeing Lead
Excom, CPO
Everything else….
Loz HuttonDeputy PresidentSmarter Working
Pay; Policy; HR Lead
Conor BurkeTreasurerCFO Lead
Helen Baird-ParkerOfficerCanary WharfD&I Lead, Legal
Fahad AkhtarOfficerFIS, DWP, B&C
Iain CampbellOfficerNottinghamExternal Influence,
CS&TD Individuals Policy
David CooperOfficerNorth EastCCG Lead,
Vicky JohnsonOfficer (Past President)LiverpoolCSG Lead, D&I,
Swift Arrow, TFC
John ParkhouseOfficerCroydonCDIO Lead,
Casework, Wellbeing
Jim RogersOfficerCS&TD Lead
Performance Management
Attendance Management review
PSC Chair
Josh FlewCommittee MemberManchesterFacility Time reporting
Large Business
Customer Services
Trainee Issues
Tax Academy
Becky HerdsonCommittee MemberISBC, RIS, Comms
Tom LangrishCommittee MemberCA, Trainee Issues
Tax Academy
Julie LithgoCommittee MemberComms
Taking Time out policy
Kenny MitchellCommittee MemberBelfastWMBC, PSC
Heather MorrisonCommittee MemberReadingH&S
Joint Sustainability
Spencer MunnCommittee MemberExternal Influence
Tony WallaceCommittee MemberNottinghamEstates, PSC
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