Author: Vicky Johnson

Entering the final straight

A highlight this weekend was my eldest daughter completing a mini triathlon in Stratford – swimming 400m in a pool, riding 18k on her bike and running 5k to finish. This from someone who has never been that sporty and who describes herself as ‘doing a running action’ rather than running! 

Expressing many reservations

Then on Thursday Paula and I travelled up to Liverpool for their centre meeting and dinner. We managed, and we have no idea how, to book seats 10 & 11 in the same carriage, but they weren’t actually next to each other – which makes sense only if you understand the crackers that is how train seats are numbered.

Snowman working at computer

A cold and busy finale to 2017

Our Wellbeing Champion (Angela McDonald) was in Leeds and we spoke via video link. She is keen to know in what areas she can make a difference on the wellbeing agenda.  We need to know from you what areas you think we should focus on.