Author: ARC Committee

Dave Penman re-elected as General Secretary

Dave Penman said: “As General Secretary of the FDA I have worked, and will continue to work, to provide the strategic direction needed to secure the future of our union and to strengthen its ability to address the challenges that members face.”

Compensation Scheme 2016: final offer to be implemented

The final offer negotiated by FDA, and some other unions, will now be implemented. It was accepted by 89% of FDA members participating in our recent ballot, and will apply to all ARC members working in HMRC.

News update: State pension changes

The recent changes to state pension affects everyone; because it is not HMRC-specific, neither HMRC nor ARC have made any comment on it. ARC also has to be careful to note that that any statements made on pension issues are not pension or financial advice. That disclaimer equally applies to this article.

Ashley Falla

Ashley joined HMRC in September 2012 as a TPDP trainee. As of July 2016 he is now a Grade 7 CT Caseworker within WMBC MSB in Leicester.

Joshua Flew

Josh joined HMRC in September 2015 on the Tax Specialist Programme and works in Albert Bridge House, Manchester in Large Business. He joined the committee in July 2016 and works with the website and equal pay campaign sub-groups.