Category: Committee

Graham Flew

Graham is old enough to have been in old fashioned “Districts” as well as Public Departments and has been a Tax Professional for far too long.

Blair Gardner

Blair joined HMRC in 1984 as a direct entrant TOHG and now works as a G7 Caseworker within ISBC SME. He joined committee in 2015 and is involved with development of the new website.

David Cooper

David joined the department in 1991 and was promoted to Grade 7 in 2004. He is currently a SME G7 caseworker based in Middlesbrough (but he’s not from Middlesbrough).

Loz Hutton

Loz joined HMRC in February 2002 as a direct entrant on the Inspector Development Programme. He lives and works in Hull as direct tax specialist in Large Business.

Helen Baird Parker

Helen joined HMRC in September 2008 as a Legal Trainee and her current role is as a Team Leader, Information Law in Sols Office. She is based in Bush House, London.